Borough of New Brighton, Pennsylvania

Borough of New Brighton, 610 Third Avenue, New Brighton, Pennsylvania 15066 ~ (724) 846-1870

Elected Officials

New Brighton, Pennsylvania is an incorporated Borough currently operating under the "weak mayor" form of Borough government. The Borough of New Brighton is divided into 5 wards with each ward having 2 elected council members. The mayor and tax collector are elected at large. Each council member is elected to 4 year overlapping terms. The mayor and tax collector also serve 4-year terms. Many other officials are appointed by Borough Council. The powers of Council are broad and extensive, covering virtually the whole range of urban municipal functions.

Thomas E. Albanese (D)
Term Expires 2017

Council President
Robert Hartwick (D - Third Ward)
Term Expires 2017

Council Vice President
John C. Ramer (D - First Ward)
Term Expires 2019

Council Members

Nick Campagna (D - Fifth Ward)
Term Expires 2017

Valerie McElvy (D - First Ward)
Term Expires 2017

Richard Haddox (D - Fifth Ward)
Term Expires 2019

Thomas Holaren (D - Second Ward)
Term Expires 2017

James Sneed (D - Third Ward)
Term Expires 2019

Jay Glover (D - Fourth Ward)
Term Expires 2019

Donald Mittner (D - Fourth Ward)
Term Expires 2017

Robert Lizzi (D - Second Ward)
Term Expires 2019

Charles F. Bowers, Jr.

Thomas J. Albanese

Assistant Manager:

Nicole Oliver

Council members can be reached by contacting the Borough Offices at (724) 846-1870 or by mail at 610 Third Avenue, New Brighton, PA 15066.