Borough of New Brighton, Pennsylvania

Borough of New Brighton, 610 Third Avenue, New Brighton, Pennsylvania 15066 ~ (724) 846-1870

Forms & Ordinances

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Building and Zoning Permit Application

Permit Application Attachments (Non-Residential Uses):

New Commercial or Multi-Family Structures

Existing Commercial or Multi-Family Structures

Change of Commercial Occupancy

Permit Application Attachments (Residential Uses):

New Single-Family Dwellings

Residential Additions


Accessory Structures

Swimming Pools

Manufactured Housing

Demolition Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application Attachments:

DEP Asbestos Notification Requirements

Demolition Specifications

Sidewalk Permit Application

Sidewalk Permit Application Attachments:

Sidewalk Drawings

Street Opening Permit Application

Zoning Ordinances and Related Permit Applications:

Zoning Ordinance (Complete)

Zoning District Requirements:


Conditional Use Application

Zoning Occupancy Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Application Attachments:

Sign Ordinance

Subdivision Application

Variance Application

Upper Beaver Valley Regional Comprehensive Plan

Other Ordinances, Forms, and Applications:

ACH Application Form


Fence Installation Requirements

Fire Insurance Proceeds Application

Fire Insurance Proceeds Ordinance

Handicap Parking Application

LERTA Application

LERTA Ordinance

Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance

Tenant Reporting Form

Stormwater Management Ordinance

Swimming Pool Credit Request Form