Borough of New Brighton, 610 Third Avenue, New Brighton, Pennsylvania 15066 ~ (724) 846-1870

Public Works

The New Brighton Public Works Department is accountable for the maintenance of all Borough roads and storm sewers. In additional to local maintenance, the department responds to all sanitary sewer problems in the Borough as well as Pulaski and Daugherty Townships, and parts of Rochester Township. The department also performs sewer tap inspection for any new connections.

During winter snow storms the Street Department will clear streets while it’s snowing and clear parking areas once the snow stops. All cooperation from residents is appreciated.

Maintenance schedules and other services are as follows:

For more information on any Public Works Department services, or to schedule any of the above services, contact Jim White, Public Works Foreman, at (724) 843-0502 or visit the Public Works Garage located at 1013 Pittsfield Alley.